X-country day at All Stars

Well yesterdays All Star Academy episode was quite an emotional rollercoaster. It had the high’s of the showjumping round and the lows of the dreaded cross country failures.

Everyone that follows me know that I’ve got a huge fear of falling off and watching myself back last night, really made me see how much that fear has taken over the enjoyment of the sport!

I have no idea what was up with us that day! Barns is the most honest and genuine horse that there is and will usually fly over anything up in front of him! However that day we hit a brick wall and my nerves once again managed to get in the way of our enjoyment 😪

Nick Gauntlett Eventing, the crew, and amazing other Omega Equine All Stars gave me so much support and really pushed me to get over those fences.

Fear really is a funny thing, it comes and goes when you least expect it and it has its way of lingering when you really don’t want it. I began watching last night with shear embarrassment, but I soon realised after lots of lovely messages that I’m not alone!

So moral of the story? It’s okay to not be👌🏼 this is!

We all go through days that just aren’t the ‘normal’ us and that’s totally okay. It’s also okay to be scared and to show people your scared!! I mean I did it on national television!!!🤦🏼‍♀️

Basically, whatever shit is happening for you it’s also probably happened to someone else too! You’re not alone and don’t be scared be scared 😦

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