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Welcome to the vlog following our journey of jumping into showing feet first with our eyes closed!!

Follow our journey, laugh with us(or at us) and help my accidental little dun horse and I to achieve our mission of HOYS 2018!


Barny has been broken in for 5/6 months and has taken to work like a duck to water! Originally he was bought back to be backed and sold on as next to my 17h eventer he looked like a wild little pony, with a long straggly mane and thick patchy coat! After giving him a mass makeover and placing the advert I had at least 50 messages of interest! Some people wanting to purchase him without viewing! It was at that point I decided there is something special about this pony! And chose to keep him and see what the future would bring!

My goals for this year are to get Barny ready for HOYS SEIB Search For A Star qualifiers which start in April. I have never shown before, so im hoping I will learn lots along the way.

As much as I would love more than anything to be at Horse of The Year 2018, we have many years ahead of us and lots of options if showing doesn’t turn out to be our thing.

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