There are most people, then then are Eventers

There are most people, then there are Eventers 🙄🙄

Most people work 9-5 and spend all their wages on clothes, going out and holidays!! Us Eventers work 40+ hours a week plus odd jobs in between, to be able to afford to go eventing!! I dread to think how much money we spend on memberships, entry fee’s, start fee’s, ferries and fuel!! Not to mention the endless hours of tuition. 🙄🙄

Most people go home after work run a bath have dinner and watch EastEnders. Us Eventers slog away, whatever the weather keeping our horses fit enough to run a cross country course for six minutes. 🙄

Most people use the weekend to have lie in’s and chill out! Us Eventers spend every weekend travelling miles around the country, spend hours on ferries and ridiculous wake-up calls all to ride a horse for 11 minutes.

Most people spend hours scrawling through travel sites figuring out where to take the next vacation. Us Eventers spend hours on BDWP planning our seasons outings 🤩

Most people might try something, hurt themselves and not try it again. Us Eventers fall off and break numerous bones in our body and climb back on before we have even had a chance to heal!!

Us Eventers aren’t like most other people.. but I wouldn’t change any of it for anything! 🥰🥰

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