The non horsey husband

Keeping your non horsey husband happy when your relationship consistent of more than just the two of you, is a delicate balance!

🤩So here are my top tips🤩

🚜Do make sure to keep the house stocked up on snacks and cook an actual meal (other than pizza and chips) at least 3/4 times a week 🥰

🚜Do invite him to all your horsey events so he doesn’t feel left out! If he’s anything like my husband he will say no anyway 😂

🚜Do the ‘horse’ washing when he as at work 💁🏼‍♀️

🚜Do make time to see him, I will often go and sit in a tractor if it means I get an extra hour at the yard 🤣

🚜Do have the occasional weekend off of competing if he isn’t working so you can spend the day together. Or see point 2; still go to the event, but invite him 😂

🚜When talking about show day costs, always half. This will still leave them shocked at how much you spend, but will not require a divorce

🚜and lastly, tell him your going to do the harrowing, baleling, fencing alone and he will be up in no time to show off his masculinity!! Getting the jobs done super quick 🥳🥳

Got any more top tips on how to keep them happy?? Send them my way 😂😂

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