Sometimes you have to admit defeat!

Sometimes you have to admit defeat•

This past year bringing Barny out of the field, backing and training him has been absolutely amazing!! And we have achieved so much together!! We have both had to work very hard, more so in the last few months!!

But recently 80% of our rides have ended badly 😕 I know starting a horse from scratch is difficult and you always get setbacks, but we just can’t seem to move forward. We fix one barrier and another one arises 😕

Asking for help is so hard.. Especially for me!! But today I put all my cards on the table. I’m not giving up at all, I’m just saying I can’t do it myself!

Since starting this blog in February I have been on an amazing journey and met some amazing people but it does also put a lot of pressure on to be excelling and achieving. This is why recently I haven’t posted much about what Barny and I have been up to! Because it seems that I’m almost letting people down 😭

But today, I realised that I started this blog to share our journey! Whatever happens, good or bad I said from the beginning that I would share it!

So there it is...the balls out truth!

Love Porge & the boys 💕

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