Our sport is dangerous!

This weekend really does show how dangerous and devastating our sport can be. A riding club eventer tragically lost her life before crossing the finishing line on Saturday and it really does make you think why we do what we do 😢

Events like these really do put the risks of our sport into perspective. We all think coming home having had one pole or a few time penalties gives us a negative result for the day. However the fact that we can say we cross that finish line safely means that whatever the outcome, it’s been a good day.

So before you moan about the safety rules or get on without having put your hat on just think is it worth it.

Tragedies like this can’t be stopped but they can certainly be prevented.

So today when you hop on your horses to go out for a ride just take a minute to appreciate how lucky you are, and to honour that brave brave rider that lost her life kicking ass at what she loved doing 💕💕

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