Number 1.... SEIB Search For A Star

So here it is.. Number 1.. The first SEIB Search for a Star qualifier of 2018!!


So back to Saturday, I was nervous as hell. Frantically packing up the car, getting Barny ready, scrubbing the trailer and a list of things to do as long as my arm! So with Barny scrubbed and everything packed we set off for the 3.30 boat!

We got off the boat and all I could do was run over in my head making sure we had packed everything... and we hadent! I had forgotten my gloves and a bloody needle! Two pretty important things! So a couple of pit stops and 3 hours driving later and we arrived at the yard.

Well im not going to lie.. It was not what we were expecting and doesnt really look much like the posh, fancy pictures they brag on their facebook page. But it was a stable and it gave us a place to sleep for the evening. We set up camp, lunged Barny and then sat down for the evening giggling and worrying about what lay ahead the next day!

I had the worst sleep of my life! I was so cold and the nerves were getting the better of me. So as i was waking up every half hour anyway, I was up and about by 5am. Gave Barny some breakfast and started to make him glisten! And I managed to pull out the best plaits I have ever done!!

With camp all packed away we headed 20 minutes down the road to Stretcholt Equestrian Centre I ran and grabbed my number and declare and it was time for us to start getting ready.....

Laura got Barny looking super shiny and little George and I were looking pretty smart! So down to the warm up we went. He staerted off on his toes but very quickly settled and worked in really well considering how many horses where in the warm up with us!

OMG.. its our turn to go!!!

We went in the ring and I was just about ready to die, it was so so hot and I was so nervous(even after 5 squirts of rescue remedy!). But he was fabolous in the go round and really pointed his toes. There were 17 others in our class! It was huge and I had one chance to show him off to qualify...

Then it was time for our show. He started off great, couldnt have felt better. Bring him round the corner to the first fence and the b**tard runs out! OMG I could have died..... why?? why now? at this point I was ready to just jack it all in. But we managed an okay trot up and then the rest of the class was called in.

We didnt get pulled obviously but apart from the stupid run out we had a fantastic weekend. The feedback from the judges was great and I am even more determind for next month now!!! And little George won best dressed groom!!!

So entries are going in and we are heading off to Bury Farm Equestrian Village next month


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