Moreton One Day Event

So here it is... Moreton Riding Club ODE 80 😊😊😊

So all week I had felt very at ease about this one, I think after the pressure of Borde Hill I had made a conscious decision to not allow this Eventing lark to ruin my mood or stop me having fun!!

So, I decided to pop over to lake farm to have a lesson with Sarah Holmes Eventing up on the xcountry course to prep ourselves and get some better techniques 😊😊

Ridden, plaited and packed up for our 5am start!!!!

Sunday morning!!!!! On the ferry I felt dreadful, sat on the toilet for 10 minutes as per usual trying not to be sick!

So I walked the course with everyone but soon got left behind after having to take trips to the portaloo 😂😂 I had also decided that I wasn’t going to get beyond fence 12.. it was a hanging pole jumping straight into the water. The last time I attempted one of these it didn’t go well and Barny said NO!!

Down to the dressage for 10.30 and He was a total angel in the warm up!! (After I had taken my spurs off😂😂) I can't believe it, I was actually having to kick him 😍😍 He pulled out a good test but it was very rushed! This is definitely down to me, I get so tense in the ring and all I can think about is where to go next! We finished on 34% not our best score by far but looking back I totally understand why.

Booted up and we headed for the phase that I thought would be our best... But Barny warmed up fast! I had no breaks whatsoever so we popped a couple of fences and went in..

So in we go... he started cantering fast so I try to bring him back and I can’t! He ran into number one, jumped number 2 okay and then ran though the double having the second part down, then he ran off with me again. So after bringing him back to walk and starting off again he was having none of it.. so fast round the corner to 7 it came up very suddenly and he ran out!! Bas**rd!!!!! By this point it had all gone to pot so I left him to run around the ring, pulling me from side to side.. that was appalling!!!

By this point I’m ready to give up!!

A quick change and 10 squirts of rescue remedy and we were in the warm up deep breathing and trying to hold it all in... down to the start box and I can’t help but cry..

5...4...3...2...1!!!! Boom, he flew out the box like a whippet!!! A short canter to the first and he was FLYING!!!Up the hill to number 2 and we were off!! Down to 4 and we trotted down the hill.. after the stop at Borde Hill I wanted to try and sort the mistakes we had made before and it worked.. he didn’t rush and we came round the corner and he jumped beautifully!

I rode for my life. Trying to remember everything Sarah had told me.. what a feeling!! He was flying over everything not looking at a single fence! Number 12 was next.. we came round the corner, steadying up, trying to give him time and he popped it and cantered though the water!!!

Then onto the big.. blue.. hay cart!!!! Up the hill, and it’s a kick and shut your eyes sort of jump 😂😂 he didn’t even look!! Through the trees and down the hill to the saw mill, then the horse shoe.. last fence, I rode like my life depended on it, forgetting anything Sarah had said to me 😂😂

We flew through the finish!! 💕 he still had so much energy!! And cooled off super quick!!

He listened to me, I rode him and we had fun!! Probably the best I have ever ridden in my whole life and he was just unbelievably brilliant.

Although our scores as an individual were pretty piss poor, we did managed to pull our SECOND as a team!!!!! Well done to everyone from Isle of Wight Riding Club and @vectis equestrian club 🎉🎉

I’m so so happy with him!!! What a horse! He’s my best friend and I adore how genuine he is 💕💕

A massive thank you to my wonderful sponsors Equinetic Horse Supplements, for the amazing supplements that truly helps his performance 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

Lots of love

Porge and Barny 💕

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