Married to a Farmer!

It’s that time of year again which means if I’m not sat in the buddy seat, I won’t see him. 🚜

It’s been 8 years since Shaun and I got together and nearly 2 since I said “I do” and I wouldn’t change anything... but if your thinking of marrying a farmer.. then stop!

With insane working hours, completely dictated by the weather and interrupted dinners because the sheep got out 🐑🤦🏼‍♀️

Going solo to all events and leaving friends wondering if your actually married at all!?!?

Planning that holiday and the plans always at the wrong time of year or dependant on weather or not the wheat has been cut or the sheep are lambing😔

Marrying a farmer is full of risks.. risks that you have no control over. But thinking about them too long shadows over a lot of other things.

Things like riding together in the tractor at sunset☀️, harvesting the crop that he poured his heart into.

Things like, knowing when you do have a family, they will understand the value of hard work and it will be engrained so deep that they won’t know any different.

Or being woke up at 2am by your farmer coming home from a long day of working for everything that you want.

Things like watching the lambs that he so desperately cared for, running for the first time in the field.

If your thinking of marrying a farmer.. don’t think, just do it!! Because this truly annoying, weather dependant, hard working lifestyle is truly the best 🥰

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