Jump time!!!!!

Having been coaxed into jumping today I nervously tacked up my laid back thoroughbred ready to risk my life flying over tiny little jumps!

Straight into the warm up and Barny was well on his way pulling my arms out and raring to go

😊 before this week we jumped everything in a half assed style but today he used his back end and picked up his shoulders and actually jumped!!

We went in and jumped a lovely double clear!! Even though it was only 2’ I felt like I had just gone clear around badminton!! My smile was beaming!!

The 2’3 was another brilliant round!! I couldn’t have asked for more from him

🐴 We rolled an unlucky pole in the jump off due to my incapable riding but that didn’t worry me at all I was just so pleased

#SearchingForTheStars #ThatsHowItsDun

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