I am good at what I do.. I am good at what I do.. repeat

In my lesson today it became so apparent to me that as riders our emotions quite often are at the root of our position, posture and body language whilst in the saddle.

Improve a riders mindset and their position will too, improve. Horses can probably read our minds, but for certain they can read our bodies 👌🏼Position biomechanics, thought process and resulting performance are all within the same dynamic process.

Today I ran through my dressage test twice.

The first time, my mindset was awful.. I already had the thoughts in my head that I would fail tomorrow and there was no point trying. Because of this, my position slumped, I became heavy on Barns back and I began to fight. I ended up pulling up and stopping because it felt so shit and I got so angry from not being good enough.

Sarah quickly pointed out to me, that to do well, you have to think your going to do well. Just because your not riding for a 10, doesn’t mean you have to ride for a 2! 🙄1 movement goes wrong, forget about it. If you know there is a week spot in your test, choose the way to ride that will loose you the least marks. And lastly, you will NEVER ride a test like you ride at home. It’s a completely different way of riding.

With this in mind, I tried again.

This time was better, more relaxed with a lot less fight. Yes, things went wrong. But that’s okay, this sort of shit can’t go right all the time!

So my biggest lesson from my 90minute training session. To sort my shitty head out, realise I am good at what I do and fucking get on with it!

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