Holy s**t we did it!!!

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I’m still on cloud 9!!!! So here goes...I have no idea where to start so as usual.. Last Monday we went off to Tweseldown for a little xcountry school and after riding like a sack of spuds Barny decided he could make his own choices, which were to duck out of the jumps because I let him!! This just made me dread the weekend even more 😭

I trundled down the field on Saturday afternoon to get Barny and take him for his sleepover. I gave him a lovely bath and the pig decided to roll in the dirtiest, dustiest patch in the world!!!(probably not the world, but it may as well have been)😂

So I couldn’t sleep! I woke up at 4.20! The nerves started to set in! So I started to get myself ready and make a slow drive over to the yard. Everything packed up, pony sort of clean, and all ready for our 6.15 departure.

We got on the 7.15 ferry and I spent most of the time in the toilet again!!! I have never been this bad! What is wrong with me!!! Finally we arrived at Larkhill and in plenty of time so we set off to walk the course 😭😭😭 I came back white as a sheet. I swear they had taken the 90 track from the week before, shoved a purple number on it and called it an 80 fence!! I wanted to die! I felt sick as a dog and it took all I had to hold the tears of fear back.

So after helping and watching friends, I delayed as much as possible as I really didn’t want to run and was hoping that I would just miss my times. But I was, to my disapproval, rushed back to the lorry. Whilst everyone got my horse ready for me, I hid in the lorry contemplating wether to actually do it or not.. but after 6 squirts if rescue remedy and a lot of peer pressure I got on and made the slowest walk possible down to the warm up.. and the tears began! Because I had wasted so much time, I was late down and only had time to jump 1 practice jump.. which he knocked down 🤦🏼‍♀️ Into the jumping panting, crying and trying to reassure myself the whole way around and we managed a fantastic round!

Unfortunately we rolled a pole but he was great 👍🏼 Everyone outside of the ring was cheering me on and trying to catch my attention but between the crying and trying to decide weather to carry on or not I ignored them all heals my breath and the countdown began.

5,4,3,2,1 GO!!! Number one was shitty and had me so scared so I went in growling and Barny didn’t even hesitate! We made it over number one and then we were flying!

We got to number 5! It was green! I hate hate hate colour. I lost all ability to ride. Barny ducked out and I don’t blame him.. I came back round, held my line and kicked like my life depended on it!! YES!!! We are over it! Sit up, kick and ride it like an oxer.. that’s all I kept telling myself I rode the rest of the course kicking and talking to myself laughing and smiling after each fence.. we were smashing it!! He canted straight through the water, we jumped the skinnies and the corner!! The 15th fence massive skinny brush like things! He soared didn’t even hesitate! Onto the last an owl hole.. the last jump.. come on Barny come on!! And he jumped it like a pro roaring over the finish I had never been so happy!! I started crying again 😂😂


I cant explain the feeling, it really was the ride of my life!! Sailing through the finish line, having ridden your heart out 💕

I definitely wouldn’t have ridden on Sunday if you guys weren’t there pushing me.

Anything is possible, never give up on your dreams 😊💕

Lots of love

Georgia and Barny

#ThatsHowItsDun #SitUpAndRideItLikeAnOxer

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