HLB Free Rein Sapphire pad and bandages

Barny rocking his beautiful free rein sapphire range saddle pad and bandages 💙👌🏼

I was kingly gifted these from HLB Equestrian and I’m in love! The

blue really does pop and Barny and I’m 100% going to have to get my hands on some more of these sets!

Barny has teeny little spindle legs and so I had to cut off the ends of the bandages to fit but once I had done that they fit great and stay done up and tight throughout the ride! There are also support boots of bandages aren’t your thing!! 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

I am useing the GP cut saddle cloth, however you can also get them in dressage cut and there are lots of different bonding options for the outer edge 😊

It Is a 100% yes from me!! I won’t be able to get Barny out of it! 😂😂

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