Hauke Schmidt Ladies Finest Gloves

The Hauke Schmidt Finest Gloves UK Ladies finest Gloves are literally like a second skin!! I purchase them around a month ago from Rosie at KnightsBrand Equestrian and have really put them to the test!!

So Iv got into the habit Iv always wearing gloves now! it just doesn’t feel right to me to be in the saddle without them on!

And I must admit that until now I have always gone for a fabric pair of gloves because they have always seemed like the nicer option.

Now the very best feature of these gloves is the amazing grip that they give, whether it be wet or dry conditions the pittards enhanced leather is second to none.

The only downfall is that they do give and stretch so are slightly big on my hands now, but only slightly. So if you purchase them I would definitely recommend going a size down 😊🐴

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