Today is not only my birthday! It also marks 1 year since @diary_of_a_dun began!!!!

This page started for me to track the progress with my little yellow pony🐴🦄 but over the course of the year it’s turned into so so much more than that!!!

We empower people to get out and do the things they love 💕 We push people to find the confidence we know that they had 💕 and above all else I really really believe no matter how shit you think you are as long as you’re having the time of your life who cares 💕

And as promised I have shared the good the bad and the downright ugly!! 😂👌🏼

It’s been so amazing to take you all on this rollercoaster of a journey and I hope you stick with us for another year!! 🌟🌟

Super X Country | Pegasus Jewellery | Georgina Leavold - Bringing Bodies Back Into Balance. | Huff Equestrian | Omega Equine | Finer Equine

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