Every horse is different. Every rider is different.

Every horse is different. Every rider is different.

What works well for one horse may not work well for another.

Horses and riders have good and bad days.

Because of this... mindset is everything! And to progress as riders we must change our thinking!

•Most mistakes are not fatal! They can easily be corrected. They only become a problem if you keep making that same mistake for a long period of time.

•Mistakes CANNOT be avoided. Every time we get on a horse, we will make mistakes

•Mistakes are important for learning. Without them we would not progress, we learn from the contrast of getting it wrong, and getting it right.

•After each good ride, there will be a bad one. But after each bad ride there will be a good one.

•The harder you try, the harder you fight the bad rides, the longer it takes you to get out of a slump! Fighting the bad rides only causes you and your horse to become tense, which prevents you both from progressing.

•Having a bad ride does not make you a bad rider or your horse a bad horse. But having a good ride also doesn’t make you an equestrian.

•Trust in the process! Believe in your ability to learn! Put one foot in front of the other and remember tiny steps are better than no steps!

•when your horse isn’t doing something that your asking him to do, ask yourself what prt of the aid isn’t he understanding? What can you change in your seat and aids to make the horse understand better?

•Every partnership goes through phases. The learning phases are fun because you can see and feel the progress being made. But plateau phases can be tedious and frustrating, because you seem to be barely treading water, however, they are important because a horse and rider need them to progress as a partnership.


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