Equinetic Focus & Recovery

I’m Super excited to have been asked by Tom and Luke at Equinetic Horse Supplements to review their Focus and Recovery supplement 📷🎉📷😊 First impressions, the packaging is great! My favourite pink and blue colours and it’s super easy to read! Has all the instructions, ingredients and how you can contact the company 📷😊

It’s engineered to aid concentration and is packed with lysine rich soy protein to maximise muscle development 📷👌🏼

Lysine is essential for every metabolic process and magnesium has been proven to improve performance 📷👌🏼📷😊

Barny isn’t fussy at all so will eat anything, but it doesn’t have any nasty or strong smells to it so after mixing it in, even the fussiest horse shouldn’t know it’s there 📷😊📷😊

Cannot wait to see the results it has on my little yellow pony!!

If you fancy trying this new awesome supplement Quote ‘DiaryOfADun’ to receive 15% off your order!! 📷🎉📷🎉

#EquineticSuppliments #DiaryOfADun

www.equinetic.co.uk !!!!!!

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