Chilham Castle~ Number 3

Busy, Busy!!

So last weekend we headed off to Chilham Castle for our 3rd event of the season!!!

So we headed off on the 7:30 ferry and begun the 5 hour journey to the beautiful place that is Chilham Castle 😊

We arrived in plenty of time and on I hopped for a quick pre warm up, warm up and Barny felt great! So we only schooled for 10 minutes and popped him back in the trailer 🤩🤩

We then went to walk the x-country course and honestly, I felt fine!! Not a worry and quibble about any of the fences!! In actual fact, I felt like I could have run the 90 course!!

Do course walked and down to dressage!! Again Barns warmed up super well and it was our time to go in the ring!! A little smile at the judge and down the centre like we went!! Barny pulled out a fabulous test! And I was grinning from ear to ear!! We gained a well deserved 35!!!! Our lowest score to date 🥳🥳

Off to jumping and the course looked great and felt great! Barny jumped fabulously but unfortunately I pushed for a long one at the last 🙄🙄🙄

Cross country time and about to run on a score of 39 I decided not to push as there would be no chance of a placing! Barny stormed around and picked up 7time which happened to be very costly!!

We then had a lovely warm wash and cold leg hose with The Horsebox Spa!! And then he got weighed!!!

We placed 13th 🥳🥳 those time penalties cost us 4th place and a qualifying for the championships... but it was a great day 🥰🥰🥰

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