Burghley Burghley Burghley

Well Burghley ... what can I say?

I have so many questions from today!

Was the track hard, or is that what a true 5* should look like? Now the course did look absolutely superb (I would never go near it😂) however, are we asking too many questions? Are we asking horses to go above and beyond? And since when did eventing turn particularly into a dressage competition?

I love being at and watching these events, but today I had to turn the tv off.. rider after rider and fall after fall had me wanting to be sick thinking about jumping round an 80 tomorrow 😂 But honestly, I have seen it asked so many times over the past few hours.. are the courses built to this height and beefiness (is that even a word?) because of the frangible pins?? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️Yes it’s fantastic that we have them as today would have seen many more devastating accidents, however nothing is ever 100% and what if for some reason they didn’t work?

Burghley is renowned for being the toughest 5* in the world.. is that the problem? Is it competing against many other events to keep this title?

Are riders able to qualify before they are actually ready to compete here? Maybe the qualification process should be made stricter?

Anyway so many questions, but the day is done and there will be no one to answer them... and I’m sure they will probably go unanswered.

So let’s look forward to show jumping action tomorrow 😃😃 and let’s not forget the riders that absolutely bloody bossed it.. my personal fave being @imogen.murray who rode that course like a dream!! 🥰🥰

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