Be unstoppable!

Losing you confidence when riding is one of those things that no matter how small or insignificant the accident is, it has the potential to grow into something that literally steals your enjoyment when riding your horse! 🙄🙄

Losing it can be oh so simple, but the frustrating bit is regaining and the process that takes time, effort and patients 😢

Regaining your confidence can be done!! And I and so many others are proof of that!!

Confidence is a little like plastic, if forced too much it will often break permanently. This is why it’s not an overnight process and could take some time to come back 🙄

Often the loss of confidence is the focus on believing that you are not able to do something. This is so true!! I believed for a long time that I wasn’t able to do a lot of things. But after being pushed and achieving those goals it soon became apparent that nothing was unachievable 😊😊

So many of us come up with reasons why we are unable to do something.. and until discover the real reason you cannot dismantle the fear.

Once I began taking things back to basics in a space I was comfortable with, I slowly began to gain my confidence, ride by ride, day by day🥰

Will it happen overnight? Never.. however, it is one of those things that unbeknownst to you you will one day feel comfortable and confident in the saddle where you once felt anxious and nervous. 🥰

Keep going.. Be Unstoppable 😘💕

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