Autumn essentials for Barny and I

It really is a hard one because the minute it gets cold, everything turns to winter mode!! To be honest I completely forget autumn even exists! But here are my top must have’s when the weather starts to change 👌🏼

Lip balm! My lips are awful and will get dry and chapped the first sign of cold, dry weather!! So I constantly carry at least one lip balm. Otherwise I will be rocking the ‘my lips are so dry it’s like iv got red lippy on’ look 😂😂

@Easibed! So it’s getting close to the point where the boys are coming in soon! So I stock up on bedding ready for the winter! Buying at two bales a week, that way it won’t be such a hard hit when they do come in 😊

Snuggy hoods turnout hood! With the weather getting super cold in the evenings and Barny being clipped I make sure he is wrapped up snuggly warm! And the perfect thing for that is this hood!

Baselayer!! A good baselayer can solve all of your problems! They are great at keeping you warm when you layer up 😊 I absolutely adore my Huff Equestrian base layer 💕

@aigle uk wellies! These wellies are without a doubt the best!! They are super warm and comfy and although they are in the higher price bracket they are definitely worth it!

And last but not least.... HOT CHOCOLATE and FIRES 🔥

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