A goal is just a dream with a deadline!!

A goal is just a dream with a deadline!- Napoleon Hill🌟

If there is something that I have done a lot of the past few years, it’s setting goals! Both in my every day life and my equine life 💕Returning for a bad accident to getting back out on the xcountry course was always my dream!

Through my failures and achievements I have learnt some invaluable rules to stick by 🤩

🏅Don’t be afraid to fail! Not everything comes right away and sometimes you have to keep trying even though you aren’t getting where you want to be just yet.

🏅Trust your horse! If you don’t have faith in the horse underneath you to take you where you want to go.. it’s not going to happen!!

🏅Be realistic. Being disappointed with lack of success can be really discouraging. Set realistic goals and realistic timelines.

🏅Commit. It’s not going to happen overnight or if you are only it to it half way. Half efforts only gain half results.

🏅Don’t forget about the simple things. That one little step of progress. The satisfaction of working hard towards something, that feeling of a bond makes it all worth it!

Just go riding 🥰🥰🥰

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