Hi! Im Georgia, but most people call me Porge!

Georgia & Barney_061.jpg

Born and raised in the big smoke, In was first introduced to riding a lot later than most. I rode at a local riding school every Saturday and Sunday for 4 years and as my addiction to the sport grew stronger, I would spend as much time as I possibly could riding horses, working with horses, looking at horses and thinking about horses!

When I was 11 years old my mum purchased my first ever pony! The pony I had my first ever lesson on and he was awesome! He was a 13.2 black New Forest that knew how to throw in the biggest bucks when he didn't want to do something, but at that age.. I loved it! 


After selling my riding school wonder pony, I was riding and loaning any horses offered to me,

I spent alot of time on the floor as these were mainly the horses no-one else wanted to ride!

Eventually we had saved enough money to go out and buy something of my very own again. So. We headed to a stud, bought a previously raced thoroughbred and I didn't even ride her!What was I thinking... BUT.. she was beautiful :) It wasn't long and she had started to put on weight and get back some of the colour in her coat, so we set off for some events! She was a star! pinging over the pre-novice courses, enabling me to be on the teams and she was brilliant at hunting! A few months later we received the biggest surprise ever..... BARNY!! 

After selling Barny to go traveling 8 years on, a few more dodgy horses, a broken leg and shattered confidence later... and its the best decision I have ever made getting him back! Looking forward to many more dodgy horses, confidence crisis, hopefully no broken bones and a whole world of fun!